Parking Information

    Parking is strictly enforced at the Lakes of Oakland Forest. All current owners and renters  have received the appropriate sticker for their car(s) or motorbike.  All new owners and renters are directed to Consolidated Community Management (CCM) to obtain stickers. Information regarding registration of visitor vehicles, including a personal password, will be provided at that time.

    The website is https://myparking You will need your email address and password to register. If you misplace or forget your password, please contact CCM at
954 718 9903.

   Each unit is assigned one parking space. Additional vehicles must be parked in a guest space. No commercial vehicles are allowed to park on the property except during business hours and for the purpose of conducting business for a unit. If you have a company owned vehicle, all identifying logos must be concealed.

    Please note the following regarding visitor parking.

  • A visitor vehicle is limited to 28 days per calendar year. This can be consecutive or divided over several visits. Once the limit is reached, you will no longer be able to register that vehicle. It is understood that special circumstances may occur and you may be able to receive an extension. Please contact CCM if you require an exemption.
  • All vehicles parked on the property must be registered. Once done, parking enforcement will note the license plate and recognize it is registered.
  • All vehicles parked on the property without proper registration will be booted. Failure to contact the towing company once the vehicle is booted will result in the vehicle being towed.

Information regarding the towing company is posted at the main entrance. 
          A.R. BOOTING, INC.   Phone: 866 440 2668